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Camp Cardamom resides on a 112-acre organic farm and Ayurvedic center. Our three-floor, 15,000-square-foot wing contains 10 rooms with private bathrooms and three large classrooms—all exclusively used by us. Our dining area overlooks an orchid-filled garden. Outdoor facilities include  a football (soccer) field, a treehouse,  and a roof terrace with amazing mountain views where yoga and kalaripayattu classes take place.

Our grounds consist of a working organic farm where milk cows, silkworms, rabbits, ducks, geese, and chickens are raised. The farm grows coconut palms, lemongrass, guavas, amlas, and vegetables. It also includes an educational Ayurvedic garden. Campers are encouraged to participate in the daily activities of the farm.


Our two stream-fed reservoirs are used for swimming, fishing, and boating (with all safety measures).

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