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Soma Ayurvedic Kombucha

Support Camp Cardamom by purchasing our kombucha, brewed in Kerala using pure mountain spring water, certified organic & biodynamic teas, and fresh local fruits and botanicals. All natural, with no extracts or preservatives. Soma is the moon, the oldest drink of humankind, and magic elixir of the gods. Available for delivery in Bangalore. 


Tulsi Blush

Juicy watermelon meets three kinds of certified organic tulsi in a crisp, medium-dry sparkler with just the right balance of bite and sweetness. Pairs well with a wide range of foods, including curries, cheeses, and salads. Tulsi is an Ayurvedic adaptogen to relieve stress and nourish your soul. The perfect drink for any time of day. 


Mint for Greatness

Made with pineapples from our own backyard, Mint For Greatness is our most popular blend. Into our special brew of organic, biodynamic teas we combine cold-pressed pineapple juice and an infusions of fresh mint leaves and green chili. The result is a crisp, medium-dry sparkler with refreshing zing. The perfect drink for summer!


Cardamom Hills

Travel through the spice mountains of Kerala with this high-range blend of organic cardamom, orange, and cold-pressed carrot juice. A dry sparkler redolent with citrus bitters, Cardamom Hills tastes great on its own or makes an excellent highball with rum, whiskey, or gin. Pairs well with meat or mushroom dishes.