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In our increasingly cosmopolitan, interlinked, and globalized world, we believe that young people need time to reconnect with their roots, both cultural and environmental. This means less watching and more doing. It means getting away from screens and onto the dance floor. It means taking a walk in the woods, eating a guava off the tree, or swimming in a waterfall. It means understanding where you come from by truly experiencing it.

For many children, going to summer camp will be their first experience spending time away from their families. Camp Cardamom provides them with a safe, nurturing environment in which to expand their horizons. The skills they learn and connections they make in camp will be vital in college and beyond. Our programs are designed to promote:

  • Self-discovery—fuel for the imagination

  • Friendships outside one’s family network—a wellspring of new confidence

  • Independence—a driver of courage

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