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Group & Family Sessions


Camp Cardamom's group and family sessions expose guests of all ages to Ayurveda through a mix of culinary, cultural, and outdoor adventures.

 In one of the loveliest corners of nature, we teach you how to find harmony within your body and within the world.  


Ayurvedic Meals

Our vegetarian menu is sourced from our farm and supplemented with milk from our cows, along with heirloom organic grains from a reputable organic farm in Tamil Nadu. Guests of all ages will enjoy helping to pick the vegetables and fruits and cook over clay chulos at night outside in the field.


The Three Pillars of Ayurveda

Ayurveda (the Science of Life) is traditionally practiced in concert with Yoga (the Science of the Soul) and Kalaripayattu (the Science of War). Interest in Kalari, the world’s oldest martial arts form—the ancestor of judo and Kung Fu—is growing in Europe and its native Kerala. Ours is the only program offering all three pillars of Ayurvedic living as one experience.

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Adventures in Ayurvedic India

We offer leisurely outdoor excursions that the very young may enjoy with their grandparents, such as visits to tribal village for a musical night, or a swim in a pristine neighboring rock pool. We also offer more challenging activities such as rock climbing and an 8-kilometer trek through the nearby Chinnar National Wildlife refuge.


Camp Cardamom occupies its own wing of Cure Ayurvedic Resort, where we have 10 dorm rooms with private baths and three very large classrooms totaling around 15,000 square feet. The dorm rooms are clean and tastefully decorated with traditional block-print textiles. They have western-style toilets and hot water with bucket showers. This wing is used by our youth summer campers but is also available for the exclusive use of group batches on select summer dates. Each room has either four bunk beds or two full-sized beds. Individuals or parents who wish for more privacy may also arrange (for an extra charge) single rooms with double beds, decorated with hardwood furniture.

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Classes, Activities & Excursions

Fun and educational programming led by highly trained instructors is central to the Camp Cardamom experience. Specific itineraries depend upon the age and preference of the guest and the duration of stay, but they are always designed to promote a deeper understanding of Ayurveda, Indian arts and culture, and the natural environment.

For family and group rates, dates, and availability, please contact us.

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